We got the last of H’s three diagnoses.  First it was Auditory Processing Disorder (not surprising).  Then it was Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (expected).  The latest was Asperger’s Syndrome, aka High Functioning Autism (still digesting).  

It’s a month gone by and I still feel bruised.  Not that I deny it, it does explain a lot of things…such as H’s difficulty with transitions, challenges working with others and sensitivity to noise.  We were warned that  it was a possible diagnosis during his previous assessment pending about ADHD, but it still feels odd.  Worse somehow, like one that’s more permanent, life-altering and closed off to future success.  

The”best” thing about it was the school’s reaction.  Finally I was being taken seriously.  The fact that I showed up with a twenty-plus page report stated in writing my child’s label meant he qualified for some service.  He hasn’t changed, but supposedly he may get more help finally.  The jury’s still out on how that will go this fall after things are put into place.

For now it’s me who’s affected.  Not my husband, who really doesn’t want to talk about it, not my son, nor my daughter.  But me who struggles with what this means, making the best choices and wondering where we go from here…